Tuesday, July 3, 2012

An Everyday Miracle

Yesterday I got to sit in on Sarchil's echocardiogram. What an amazing experience! I am not a science person at all. General Biology was general torture my sophomore year. It has always seemed really boring and complicated. I trust that God made the human body and that it runs and that is all I need to know! The rest can be cared about by other people. I am content with understanding the basics.

However, seeing a live echo has made me realize what a miracle the human body is. The echo basically gives an ultrasound of the heart. We could watch the muscle pumping blood through the body. From certain angles we could see valves opening and closing to let blood in and out. The valves look like stiff arms clapping. The blood shows up red and blue on the screen depending on whether or not is oxygenated. Then they turned the sound on and we heard the heart whooshing as blood went in and out. I can't even explain how cool it was!

On top of all this, for Sarchil's heart, this is a new thing. He has lived 8 years with his heart struggling to get the blood where it needs to go. But now, it works perfectly! You and I have hearts that have worked forever. But watching these kids run around and have more energy than ever before is incredible. It is a miracle, one that happens every day, but one that we rarely remember.

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