Monday, July 16, 2012

Ups and Downs

Well, after the past few days being stuck in bed, I am finally up and starting to engage in a normal work day! Yipee! I will say, I knew I was actually sick because for four days I did not mind being told to stay in bed and rest. My roommates know it can be hard to get me to call it quits. Last year they had to help me write an email to my professors saying I was sick and going to the health center. I could barely function, but I didn't want to miss class!

Anyway, it was actually a blessing to get a diversion from the temperature here. It is hot. Hot. Hot. Our house has fans in most rooms, but no air conditioning so sweating is just a normal part of the day. But this weekend I was freezing! I wrapped up in all my blankets and curled up in my bed. The nurse felt my head and sad I was actually hot, but my body enjoyed being confused for a time!

But it is good to be up and around again. I wasn't able to see the kids while I was sick. It is extremely important they stay healthy or it can be dangerous since their bodies are already working so hard to recover from surgery. I wandered back in there today and we were able to reconnect quickly. Although, I think they like anyone who smiles and plays games with them. But it was a good thing I saw them today... one was admitted this afternoon for surgery and one was readmitted due to fluid build up around his heart. He has to have a chest tube reinserted for at least five days. The poor little guy is handling it like a champ, but his mother is clearly distressed to be back in the hospital. The ups and downs of hospital life are difficult on all the patients and mothers. We just try to be a source of encouragement and love when we can. I just hope I can be a little bit more empathetic after experiencing the confinement of a small space for a few days this weekend.

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