Monday, June 18, 2012

75 Minutes

That's right. An hour and 15 minutes. What did we do in this large amount of time? We played with a jump rope. I know, how is this possible, right? Well I did get my second workout for the day showing off my jumping skills, but I also found out that a jump rope can be used for a large number of things. We also wiggled it around on the ground like a snake, played a modified version of limbo, and played telephone. Little one year old Hani would "answer" the phone (one end of the jump rope). "Hallo?" Then she proceeded to hand it to me. I would have a "conversation" in Kurdish (the little bit I know) with the person at the other end of the line. "Hallo? Kristina? Ah, hallo. Choni bashi? Ah, bash, bash. Mmmm? Oh, ok. Yah. Yah. Mushkilayniya. Ok. Ah, ok. Kwa ha fis!" Translation: "Hello? Kristina? Ah, hello. How are you. Ah, good, good. Mmmmm. Oh, ok. Yah. No problem. Ok. Ah ok. Good bye!"Then I handed the phone back to her only for it to "ring" again and we start the whole process over. I had more or less this same fake conversation with everyone that works here. I think I'm starting to lose my mind! Oh well, next time you're bored, grab a jump rope. You never know what you can think of to do with it!

This job has great funny moments like that that make our crazy days fun. In the course of this 13 hour work day I was the children's coordinator, housekeeper, and event planner. Oh what a busy day. But all of it is worth it. I love getting to spend time with the kids, playing with them and getting to know them better. I also love getting to see the leave. I will miss them, but our farewell parties, like the one we had tonight for Fatimah are wonderful celebrations of the miracle that has occurred in each of their lives. They have a new heart and get to go home healthy and whole. Praise God!

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