Monday, June 25, 2012

Always Waiting

Waiting can be one of the hardest things to do. For the mothers here, they are in a perpetual state of waiting. Waiting for surgery to be scheduled. Waiting for the next doctor appointment. Waiting to go to the hospital. Waiting to leave the hospital. Waiting to be discharged. Waiting to go home. The average stay here is probably 2-3 months... a long time for these women, most of whom have several other children waiting for them at home.

For Sarchil's mother, the waiting has become almost unbearable. She has a breakdown almost every day now. She and her son have been here for over 2 months now. I also found out today she has a three month old baby at home. Poor woman! Sarchil has been discharged from one department in the hospital, but in a new twist, we have to get permission for him to leave from a second part of the hospital. His blood was too thin so they put him on medicine to help with that. Then it bounced too far the other way and became too thick. Now they are trying to make the sure the balance is in the perfect range. It's tricky stuff, but zor gringa (very important)!

We thought that we might be able to help cheer their spirits with a trip to the beach! Who doesn't like the Mediterranean, right? It worked out beautifully. They had a wonderful time splashing in the waves, collecting sea shells, and chilling out in the sand. It was so good to see Sarchil's mother smile and laugh. After all the tension she has held inside the past few weeks subsided and she was able to just enjoy life.

We also had to stop at the hospital on the way to the beach for Sarina to get an echo. We thought it would be her last one, but turns out she'll need another on Thursday. I think it was good for Sarchil's mother to see her son isn't the only one with complications. Waiting is normal around here. The question is, how will you bear it? With joy? Or despair?

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