Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Fascination of What's Difficult

I wish I had more epic things to blog about, but all of our focus right now is on Irish literature...But tomorrow we're heading to the county Donegal in Northern Ireland. I'm sure I'll have more fun stories from that, but for now, all I have to talk about is my homework. It's kind of interesting! Well, I won't lie. Some of it is boring, but parts of it have good life lessons. For example, this is one of the poems we are reading for class. It's called "The Fascination of What's Difficult" by William Butler Yeats....

The fascination of what's difficult
Has dried the sap out of my veins, and rent
Spontaneous joy and natural content
Out of my heart. There's something ails our colt
That must, as if it had not holy blood,
Nor on an Olympus leaped from cloud to cloud,
Shiver under the lash, strain, sweat, and jolt
As though it dragged road metal. My curse on plays
That have to be set up in fifty ways,
On the days's war with every knave and dolt,
Theatre business, management of men.
I swear before the dawn comes round again
I'll find the stable and pull out the bolt.

Now, I am not an expert at interpreting poems, but here's my best shot with this one. if you know more about it than I do, feel free to correct me!
Basically, there are those people in life that like to do really difficult things and take on super challenging tasks. While it's not bad to push yourself, sometimes you take on too much or work so hard that it completely wears you out. You work so hard at your task, and deal with people who are not as passionate as you, and eventually get a point where it doesn't seem worth it. You just want to get out and give up. 
I think in some ways, I can relate to this. I often push myself so hard, past the point of what I actually can do, to where a task that I once found inspiring i now see as drudgery. It gets especially hard if I feel like I am all alone in pursing this goal. The question I always end up asking myself is, "Is this worth it? Or should I just give up and get out?" The answer to that is always different. Sometimes it's worth it to stick it out. This is what I would rather do. I'm too competitive and persistent to give up if I think there is a chance I can accomplish my goal.  But every so often, I'm done. I'm ready to escape. I'm going to "find the stable and pull out the bolt".

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