Monday, March 7, 2011

What lesson in the life of anything.. but the reflection on it?

Read the title again. And again. And maybe once more. Still confused about what it means? Whew. Me too. Several times a week, we (me and my super awesome work out buddy, Audrey) run to the leisure center which is a little over a mile away. Random side note: We are official members of the club as of today! Don't laugh. We're really excited! But anyway, when we run there we go through town, this random park and wind through some neighborhoods. In the park is this big stone slab on top of a stone circle with words on it. We run past it several times a week and realized we had no idea what it was for. So we thought it would be good to stop and figure out what it was. As it turns out, the stone slab, is just that. There is nothing on it. It's just a big grey rectangle, stretching up towards the sky. And on the stone circle were these words. "What lesson in life... but the reflection of it?" We spent the rest of our run trying to figure out what in the world it meant. We emphasized different words, tried saying it with different accents, but nothing worked. It still doesn't make complete sense. Probably because there is no verb in that sentence!
But here's what we came up with in the end... basically, in life if we want to learn lessons from life, we have to spend time reflecting on what we have learned. Which is a crazy coincidence cause that's what we did tonight! Every Monday night we have "Life Together". I know- perfect, typical Taylor title. But basically all it is is group hang out discussion/announcement time. Tonight, we had to anonymously answer some questions about our experiences thus far. It was really good. I am personally not very good at verbalizing my feelings. I would much rather process things internally, but it was really good to hear everyone's perspectives. We have come a long way, but as a group our focus from here on out is to not grow complacent. We're far enough away from the beginning of the semester that the newness has worn off, but we're not close enough to the end to feel the pressure to fit everything in before we have to leave. It's like we're at the 30 minute of a soccer game, the 2 quarter in a basketball game, the 150M on a 400M sprint. Can you tell I'm an athlete?  Anyway, all that to say, group reflection is good. Even if it's not my cup of tea, you can learn a lot!


  1. Hi.. Were you running in Greystones perhaps? I love that quote...I wander over often to read it..

  2. Hi.. Were you running in Greystones perhaps? I love that quote...I wander over often to read it..