Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It's Too Early

Fair enough. I don't really be asked thought provoking questions right when I role out of bed either. But we were desperate! Let me explain. This morning Audrey and I ran to the leisure center to work off all of our Fat Tuesday... fat. But along the way, Audrey told me that she needed to ask an Irish person about their opinion on  Facebook and Culture for her presentation tomorrow. (We all take turns presenting on Irish newspaper articles and Audrey's is about Facebook and Culture. As part of the assignment you have to interview locals to get the Irish perspective.) So we decided to ask someone at Shoreline (the leisure center). We got in and approached the first person we saw, the lady working the front desk. "Hey, we're students working on a project and wondering what you think about Facebook and Culture?" *Awkward Silence* "Uh, it's too early for this... You should ask someone else." "Ok!" Fail. So we went upstairs and had a fantastic work out.
But Audrey still needed an interview to complete the assignment. So as we headed downstairs, we thought we would see who else we could find! At this point it was about 11am, so not as early anymore. We figured people would be more open to answering questions now. So when we spotted this cheerfully looking lady at the ice cream counter we quickly steered in that direction. "Hi, we're students working on a project and are wondering what you think about Facebook and Culture." Shockingly, she responded! "It's funny you would ask. I used to have a Facebook but I realized what a waste of time it was. Plus I thought it was stupid how many people have 'friends' on Facebook but they are not actually friends in real life." Throughout the rest of our conversation, she offered very valid reasons why she didn't like Facebook. Plus, she told us she is using the time she doesn't spend online to go for a run or read a book! I was so impressed!
And while I have to admit, I really enjoy Facebook, it can be a huge time waster. It is helpful for cases like this when I am halfway around the world and wanting to stay in touch with you. But the other times when I message my friend down the hall, rather than walk down there to ask her a question... not so valid. In fact, utter waste. Or those times when I have 15 minutes before class and hop on Facebook instead of reading a book, studying for that test, or doing my devos... Yeah, once again. Fail.
I started doing something towards the end of last semester that really helped. I only checked my Facebook from Friday afternoon after classes ended to Sunday evening. During the weekdays, I was Facebook free! It was so great! To have a 4.5 day Facebook fast every week makes you realize how much time you waste on there doing nothing. I think I'll go back to that next semester..... Who knows how much I'll be able to accomplish in all that time?
Oh, and one final random question that I am pondering... You know how we always say someone is halfway around the world? Well, I'm wondering, where is all the way around the world?

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