Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Ugly Bug Ball

Today's group discussion on the newspaper articles we've been reading brought about some good discussion. But the most humorous, and therefore my favorite was about an article that discussed the pros and cons of online dating. The article told the story of an Irish woman who sued one of their dating websites because after four dates, she had not found love! So tragic! A few of the members in our group put on a skit to show the four different guys she went out with. The first, was extremely awkward! He never made eye-contact and only said about two sentences throughout the entire dinner date. The second, upon meeting her, said he would see what else the site had to offer. The third, was extremely desperate! But also sort of by polar because he used some very strong language when he became upset. Then he tried to call two days later, apologize, and ask for a second date. She turned that train wreck down cold. The fourth guy, well let's just say he was a little unfortunate looking.
Then our discussion leaders brought a hilarious dating website to our attention. It's an Irish site called the! No I'm being serious. It's a website for everyone who thinks they are ugly, thinks no one will go out with them, but want to find dates! I can't believe such a thing exists!
After a great deal of laughter, we had a good conversation about the pros and cons that come with online dating, if it is realistic, and how it could be impacting marriages in society. Then a few "success stories" were shared. Here's one I've heard.... There was this couple that lived in the same town and even went to the same church! They just had never met because she went to the 9am service and he went to the 10am service. But they found each other on an online site, hit it off, dated a couple years, and now are happily married. Precious, right?
So my conclusion? Well, even after that lively discussion, I still won't ever use one of those sites. Not that they aren't valid and haven't resulted in some great marriages, I'm just still a bit skeptical of the whole idea. I would much rather meet someone the old fashioned way. I'll just trust God to work all that out!

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