Monday, July 25, 2011

It Comes to a Close

Today was my last work day. I have tomorrow off and then Wednesday I begin my journey back to the US. In so many ways, today was as normal a day as I have around here. But every moment just reminded me of a million other wonderful ones that I have had this summer.
This morning, Mohammad helped me clean the house again. That kid is so awesome. He's only eleven, but kinda mature for his age. Kinda. He still has his mischievous moments and pretends to spray me with cleaning solution, but we get along great. I told the families yesterday that I am headed home this week. They bring it up every time I see them, double checking to make sure they have the day right. Then we end up in a debate if I should go home at all. They think I should stay. When I tell them I can't, they decide to come to America with me. I just agree to this and we all are pretend happy with this arrangement.
Then I went and bought food at the market. I saw all the same people who all know my face by now. I ended up with a conversation with the pita guy who I learned is going to be studying English in the same state where I live sometime this year. Still not sure I believe him or if he was just trying to make conversation, but for now, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.
A simple day, but a perfect last day. Tomorrow I'll start packing and prepping to go home. But today I was just here. Exactly the same as always.

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