Monday, July 18, 2011

World Cup Blues

My normal bed time here is around 10 since I get up before 6 most mornings to do my summer soccer workouts. There are few things that have changed this routine. Sometimes if I have to work late I'll stay up past 10, or like last night, if the US women are in the World Cup Final.
We don't have a TV, but I found the game streaming live on Unfortunately, so did everyone else around the world that doesn't have televisions. A couple of my coworkers stayed up to watch the game with me. We got through the exciting first half with only minor technical difficulties (every so often the screen would freeze and we would have to reload).
But in the second half, the whole world must have tuned in online, and we couldn't get the connection. We had the play-by-play pulled up on one tab, but we really wanted to watch the rest of the game! It was almost midnight, and we were about to concede defeat, when suddenly it started again. So we pushed play to begin the second half.
But then that only worked for about 15 minutes and then the game ended in real time and the video feed quit. At this point, it's just me and Kristina who also played soccer in college. Our other coworker had gone to bed.
We wanted to find out the results, but at least wanted to watch a highlight video of the goals and final score. So we wandered into the office and found one other person still awake. We sweetly asked him to find a highlight video for us, knowing the final score would be all over goggle. So as he used my computer to find the right video, he made comments like, "No way! Crazy! Hmmmm." The suspense was killing us. But finally he found one of the shootout. We hadn't even known they had made it to penalty kicks, but it was approaching 1am and we really really just wanted to watch the ending.
Needless to say, I am very sad that the US didn't win. But the guy who found the highlight video reminded us, "Japan just got hit by a tsunami. They need a moral booster." I suppose he is right. But I'm still sad we lost. I watched a highlight video of the goals today and have to say they were amazing. I'm at least glad it was a good game.
But now I'm super excited for our season to start this fall. Let's go TUWS!
And taking a lesson from the US women, let's spend a little extra time working on our penalty shots, ok? 

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