Saturday, July 9, 2011

My Fiance Departs

So remember the child I told you was in love with me. Well, his mother proposed for him (communication is still lacking since he is only two) and I'm supposed to marry him! But sadly he is leaving for Iraq tomorrow so I don't know if this whole relationship thing will work out.
It has been rather humorous this week as this whole fake relationship has played out. In the Kurdish culture, marriage and children are VERY important. The fact that I am twenty and not married is unusual to them and they are a bit worried about me. But they are even more concerned about my coworker who is twenty-eight and still single!
So as far as relationships go, they are always trying to set us up. One of the grandmothers that brought her granddaughter here for heart surgery doesn't like the child's mother. So she asked one of my coworkers to come back and marry the child's father instead! So as you can see, the proposals have not been limited to just me.
However, I have received multiple ones this week. Since the two year old is a bit young for me, the father of our eleven year old patient asked if I would marry his son. Sadly, the eleven year old said he wouldn't have me. Guess that one won't work out either. Instead, they suggested I marry two different guys who work here at Shevet. But for various reasons, I don't think those are God's plan for my life.
So as I say good-bye to my fake fiance tomorrow morning, I will definitely be a bit sad. It's hard to say good-bye to such a nice boy who is so doting and generous. (He is always letting me play with the bubbles or share his slice of cake!) But I trust that when the time comes, God will bring the man He really intends for me to marry into my life.

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