Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Little Liar

Well, it's official, children from other ethnicities are sinful human beings just like Americans that need to be redeemed by God. My latest example is three year old Noor. An adorable Iraqi child that looks like an Arabian princess.
Friday I went to visit her in the hospital after her surgery. We were just hanging out so I pulled out my bottle of bubbles. I blew some for awhile, then handed it over to her. She loved it and blew bubbles for quite awhile. When she was finished and put the cap on, I reached over to take it back.
"No! This is mine. You gave it to me last night when you were here."
Excuse me? I was not here last night. My selfish instincts kick in. This kid just took my bubbles! I want them back!
I realize I cannot get them back without making her cry. So I forfeited.
Today, I was back at the hospital again and we picked up Noor to take her home. I had grabbed a new bottle of bubbles at the house since she still had my old one. (You can never leave home without bubbles!) We were hanging out, playing around, while we waited to head back. Noor's mom had bought her a pack of gum. Noor did not seem well acquainted with bubble gum and kept swallowing it instead of just chewing it! Her mother told her to share and give me a piece. Noor refused.
Then I pulled out my new bottle of bubbles Her eyes got big as she remembered that she had taken my old bottle! She quickly took a piece of gum out of the pack and handed it to me.
Now, I gotta tell you, I'm not a big gum person. I don't eat it very often and I rarely eat bubble gum. But I laughed to myself in that moment. I hadn't meant to make her feel guilty. I honestly had just pulled out the bubbles because I was trying to think of some other way to pass the time. But it was funny to see how quickly she reacted when her sin was confronted. Her repentance came in the form of a tiny, pink piece of gum. My forgiveness was shown through accepting the peace offering and then playing games with her for the next hour. Once again, God is working on spiritual hearts, in addition to physical ones.

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