Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A 1950s Housewife

I now understand the stereotype of the 1950s American housewife. She was the woman who cooked and cleaned and took care of the kids all day. Why were these her only responsibilities? Because that is all she had time for!
In so many ways, today felt like a blast to the past as I cooked, cleaned, and hung out with kids. I actually didn't even finish all the cleaning because I had so much else to do. Plus I had First Aid training in the middle of the day so that took up some time. It was really interesting and I'm glad they finally got around to showing us newbies some important basics. Since we are working with kids with some major heart defects it is so important to know how to measure their oxygen level, take care of cuts or scrapes so they don't get infected. and do CPR. We didn't have a victim to practice CPR on, so one of the couch pillows had to serve as our patient. Sadly, we were not able to revive him no matter how many compressions we gave our how many times we blew on him. Hopefully if we ever have to give CPR to a human, it will go over better.
After... and before CPR.... basically all afternoon I worked on dinner. Whoever said making soup is easy is a liar. Do you know how many different things you have to chop up for soup? It is incredible. Anyway, a couple of our star cooks coached me through the art of Minestrone Soup, which surprisingly turned out really well. I'm not going to lie, I was really proud of myself! I will go confess about that later. But for now, I'm living in the glory of a not-burnt-actually-pretty-tasty meal.

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