Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Time of Transition

The beautiful thing about working in a small community like this is how close you get to everyone. In some ways we are like one big happy-some-of-the-time family. Everyone loves each other and wants good for each other, but every so often you drive each other crazy. But in the end, you figure it out because you have to.
Right now though, our little community is quickly changing. One of our volunteers just left, another will leave on Wednesday, two new ones arrive on Thursday, one of our kids went home last Thursday, a couple more will go home Friday (hopefully!), and we will probably get new kids soon after the other leave. Wow! And to think I'm only here for three months! I can't imagine what it is like for the people who are here for years at a time. It would be so hard... getting attached to people and having them leave so quickly.
Before each volunteer or child leaves we have a little party for them and one of the long term staff member makes a DVD with some memorable moments. It's a really cute way to sum things up. We all have the opportunity to offer some encouraging words, give the person leaving a couple small gifts, and then pray for them as they head out. It's a really sweet time. Last night for the good-bye party went to a nice hotel and ordered dessert and coffee. The view looked out over the the city, the sun was setting. It was one of those picture perfect moments.
Now as we transition to get ready for new volunteers and kids, I also remember that have just over a month left. The time here as flown! I can't believe my six month adventure is heading towards the home stretch. But even as I catch glimpses of the finish line, I try to focus on the path right in front of me. There is a lot still to do and I want to use my time wisely!

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