Thursday, June 23, 2011

I Luv Youuuu Na-Ta-Leee

The day I arrived at the beginning of May so did little Kosar and his mother. Maybe it's because of this connection, but I have definitely fallen in love with this little two year old. I'd like to think the feeling is mutual. I'm the only staff member who's name he knows and says. And the mom's taught him to say "I love you" in English. So the last couple weeks I would walk up and hear, "I luv youuuu Na-Ta-Leeeee". Precious!
And while this child is adorable, it hasn't been all beautiful moments. This mother has been probably one of our harder ones to love. She hasn't necessarily understood why there are certain rules in place, and one night a confrontation took place that resulted in a lot of tears. But slowly I've seen her transform. I think a lot of her behavior was due to the fear. Fear of what would happen to Kosar. Fear of all the new cultures and experiences she was having. Fear of the unknown. Without the security of God, I can understand how scary the whole thing is. Hopefully we were able to share with her the peace and joy that comes with being God's child.
Well, today, Kosar went home. His surgery went smoothly and in only six weeks, he was all finished. I had the privilege of accompanying him and his mother to the Israel-Jordan border. One of our other staff members accompanied them across the border and then we have a contact on the other side who met them. He will get them on a plane tomorrow to go home.
While I'm sad to see them go, I know it was time. They both miss their home and have been ecstatic all week when they heard Kosar was almost ready to fly out. I hope the things they have heard here will stick with them and someday they will learn to love Jesus.

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