Monday, June 13, 2011

Funny Moments

It was just one of those days that things I didn't expect to happen or ever see did.
I was cleaning the downstairs kitchen and living room area and one of our little boys was following me around. He is about eleven years old. Too old to want to do the kids activities, but young enough that he is easily bored by adult conversations. So instead, he has become very mischievous. While I was wiping stuff down, he kept picking up bottles of cleaning supplies I had sitting on the counter and threatening to spray me or himself or drink the liquid! I couldn't fully express to him how terrible an idea this was, so it was time for a distraction. A few moments before, he had picked up the windex, sprayed one window, and wiped it off with a paper towel. Then walked away from the project. So I grabbed the bottle and enough paper towel for both of us, and set off to do the windows. He quickly followed and within seconds we were standing side by side, almost in unison, wiping the dirt and grime off the windows to the garden. He was enjoying it so much, I just kept going and we did a whole other set of windows that I usually do a different day.
We eat lunch upstairs with our Kurdish families every week day. So I went up a few minutes early to see how things were going, see if they needed help, and see the kids. Lunch was under control so I turned my attention to Kosar and Joman, both are little boys abut age two. Kosar immediately put up his arms to be held (I swear this kid thinks the floor is made of lava because he never wants to be put down). Then I started singing a children's song to them in Kurdish. "My God is so big, so strong and so mighty. There's nothing that He cannot do." The songs ends with each child pointing at the other saying "Bo To" (For you) and then lastly "Bo Me" (For Me). Well, the other words to this song are kinda big, but these two little boys love the last part. I think we said "Bo To!" for a five minutes straight. Even if I said, "Bo Me" they would repeat, "Bo To!" Isn't that cute? It's almost like they were so excited for the other person, they were not as worried about themselves.
Then this afternoon I went to the gym. Yesterday, my dad and I decided to do a local bike race when I get home later this summer. Except it's not really a race cause most people just enter for the fun of it. We are either riding 40 or 70 miles, so I've decided it is probably in my best interest to start building some of those muscles. Anyway, that isn't the important part. The funny moment is while I was sitting on the bike people watching. There was an interesting bunch on the workout machines. To the far right, was a guy in his mid twenties watching Oprah. He was pretty entertaining. He kept chuckling to himself and then getting this goofy smile on his face. Coming from someone who has seen one episode of Oprah in her life, I do not understand his amusement, but I sure found him amusing! Continuing down the line of treadmills, there was nothing too outrageous until the guy on the far left side.Once again, probably in his twenties. He happened to have some pretty outrageous dreadlocks and he was watching a cat and the hat cartoon. Hm. Then he got sick of that show and switched the channel. Alright that makes sense, the cartoon was just a little comic relief. But no, he then settled on another cartoon. This one looked like it was about a British police officer. I guess some people like to listen to loud music and others prefer to watch amusing cartoons while they work out. Hey, whatever floats your boat.

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