Friday, June 10, 2011

Joy in Abundance

While sometimes I like to think I am super human and can do anything and always be happy, every so often I do hit a wall. But thankfully, when this happens, God always manages to come through and lift my spirits. Yesterday I collided with that wall but today God helped me find a new path around it.
Friday, as always is hospital visit day. Sometimes this can be very trying. While I always want to assume every child will come through surgery easily, this is not the case. Each new perfect heart is a miracle. So when we visited today I braced myself for a hard day. Instead, we were greeted with one good report after another.
Of our four Gaza kids that were at the hospital today, two were out of surgery and back to the normal children's ward. Both should go home soon! One little girl, Rahaf, who has been in the ICU for over three weeks now, was finally stable enough to move into the intermediate ICU today! Praise God! And our fourth child just completed surgery yesterday. He is in the ICU for the next couple days (this is very normal) and all his reports are great! His recovery should be swift and easy!
All in all, it was a fabulous day at the hospital! I have never had so much fun. All the mothers were relaxed and laughing. This may sound odd, but even though I only know a handful of words of Arabic, I can track with a lot of their conversations. I could never translate them for you, but after spending enough time around these mothers I can often figure out what they are saying. It was so fun to sit and chat with them and have all of them smiling. There was not a furrowed brow or teary eye in sight.

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