Sunday, June 12, 2011

Who would have thought?

So when I planned my trip to the Middle East, a lot people asked me who I was going with. Well, no one. But I'll make new friends when I get there! Which I have! Thankfully. But apparently this isn't a normal thing to do.
However, a few weeks after I planned my trip, I found out one of my really good high school friends was also going to be here this summer studying at the same university I did when I first came a year and half ago! Then I found out another friend and her parents were coming. Who would have thought all of us would plan a trip at the same time to the same part of the world?
Well, my first friend finally got here tonight with her parents. I was able to have dinner with them and catch up on life. It was wonderful to see familiar faces, catch up on life, and answer any questions that I could about the land and what to expect.
No matter where I go in the world, God has been so faithful to give me friends. Even when I am flying solo, I always have Him to talk to! But He also has created us for relationships with the people around us, and I have always seen Him provide just the right people at just the right time in my life to push me closer to Him. And I just have to say, I love Christians! It's like no matter where you are in the world, if you both love God, there is this instant connection. The other day I was out for lunch with a couple of my coworkers and met a guy from the states who was here doing a tour with a church group. We chatted for only five minutes, but it was wonderful. At the end, he prayed for us and our ministry here. It was so sweet. Conversations like this happen all the time here. It's wonderful. It's God.

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