Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I know what I am NOT going to be when I grow up

If I ever had any inkling that it would be fun to be a musician, more specifically a drummer, when I grow up, that dream is officially crushed. Today we had Irish drumming lessons. Now don't get me wrong, it was a blast and absolutely hilarious, but I am terrible at Irish drumming. The Irish drum is called a bodhran. And you hit it with a cipin (stick). For an hour, we amused our instructor with our attempts at "rolling". Basically hitting the drum with the stick in an up and down fashion really fast.... Ok this probably isn't making sense. Just know that almost all of us were terrible at it! But our instructor was very kind and tried to compliment anything we did well... which wasn't much come to think of it. There was one type of song where we just had to hit the drum with the stick for a certain number of beats. That one was actually not too bad! I guess we have basic ryhthm, we just struggle when we have to flop our wrists up and down like a rag doll in order to accomplish the proper sound. So after that amusing lesson I have decided I'll have to cross Bodhran player off my list of career possibilities. Oh well. We still have a lot to learn. And besides, Irish dancing, DART driving, professional rugby playing and sheep herding are still definite career possibilities that I can explore here. Hopefully one of those will come through for me!