Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Three Stooges Bike to Bible Study

You know those times where nothing goes exactly like it was supposed to? Tonight was one of those times. What was supposed to happen is three of us were to get a lift (Note, we say lift not ride. That word has a different meaning here!) to Bible Study from Laura. Wow. That would have been really simple.
Instead.... here's what happened. (For the sake of all involved, the three of us going to Bible Study will be referred to as Larry, Moe, and Curly; I'll be Moe!) Laura says she can give us a lift, but it turns out Kyle and Kelsie need the car. No big. We figure we'll just bike there. We have a general idea of where we are headed, so we figure we can probably make it there. Probably. So we go get the bikes out of the shed and start off down the road. Now, we have been warned to watch out for cars. It is illegal in Ireland to bike on the sidewalks so we have to be on the road. Plus, they drive on the opposite side which is easy to forget and disconcerting when you're on a bike and a car is whizzing by. But we go for it anyway. We get maybe a block down the road when all of a sudden, a van starts zooming towards us. But we're on the left side where we should be and he's on his left, so we're all good, right? Wrong. I'm in the back of this three person bike train. Curly, in front, gets passed the van and keeps going. Larry freaks out and slams on her brakes. I have two options, hit my brakes and hope I don't die, or hit Larry and kill both of us. I go for option one. I slam on my brakes, which yanks the chain off. So my back wheel goes up in the air and I go flying over the handlebars. I must say I landed really well. I would probably give it a 8 out of 10. It was very graceful and I was able to get back up without any scrapes. In the meantime, the van has slowed to a stop right next to me and three guys peer out the window. "You ok?" "Yep!" I give them a thumbs up and grab my bike. It's at this point I realize the chain is off so Curly spends a few minutes trying to get it back on. That doesn't work so we walk back to the YWCA and exchange bikes so I can continue. But at this point, John who runs the Y roles up in his car. "Where you headed?" "Bible study." "You want a lift? Joe and I are headed to town to return a movie and we can drop you off while we're there." "Yes!" So we put all the bikes in the shed and John gives us a lift to Bible Study.
I'm really glad we finally made it there! Thankfully Irish time is not very strict so showing up at 8:10 was actually very on time. We had a great discussion about the first 4 chapters in Exodus. There are so many times I can relate to Moses. God will ask me to do something, and I will give him every excuse I can think of to get out of it. But in the end, we follow His plan, knowing that He will be with us all the way here. I'm really enjoying learning from these people. I enjoy spending time with the older generations and hearing what God has taught them. I hope someday I can be as wise as them.


  1. Interesting post! Glad you're okay.

  2. I am not sure I should be laughing histerically...but I am...remember coffee at Caribou...just like that day. Thank you Lord for keeping all safe!

  3. quite a stooge-like story, and for your information, you should always put Moe first

  4. Mom, I'm glad you got a good laugh out of it! If you laughed as hard as you did at Caribou I'll take it as a compliment! That means my story is almost as funny as Mary Beth's!
    Josh, my bad. I have never actually seen the three stooges, but from what I have heard about them this sounded like a 3 stooges event... but in the future I will be sure to put Moe first. But I gotta ask, why is he always named first?