Friday, February 4, 2011

Typhoon Winds and the Leisure Center

This morning we were supposed to go on this gorgeous 3 mile hike along the coast. Unfortunately, it was so ridiculously windy outside that we had to cancel it! They were legitimately worried we would get blown off the side of the cliff! If you want to understand how windy it was, imagine Upland on a windy day then times that by 10. Or picture a hurricane or tornado... minus the spinning clouds... Ok, maybe that's a slight exaggeration, but it was really windy!
So we had the entire morning off! Most of us decided to be productive and get our 60 pages of reading done that is due Monday. I made it about halfway through, then was just going stir crazy so I decided to go on a run. (Don't fret, I finished the reading when I got back.)
I took off running, turned left and headed down the street, right into a typhoon like wind. I ran about for a bit than ended up the beach. I took a break and spent some time reflecting  and talking to God. As I thought about my run, I realized in life I often run straight into the wind. I could run the other way and have the wind pushing me along, but I choose to run face into it. Why is it that sometimes we put ourselves through the hard things? There is an easier way that we could take. But I suppose, in the end, if we can push through we become much stronger.
In the afternoon, we walked over to the "leisure center" (aka the gym or club). They have a really nice gym, pool, and weight center we are getting passes to. I'm excited! Most of us played volleyball for awhile- not my forte, but it was still fun. Then 3 of our guys and I joined some  Irish guys in a pick-up futbol game. It was really fun! We had a mixture of skill levels, but it was still really competitive. Not gonna lie, I had some very nice goals. It was great to get a foot on the ball again. I think we're going to try to play with them in the future.
Now it's off to watch a rugby match at the local pub! It will be exciting to experience Irish culture. But don't fret, we're keeping it LTC appropriate.

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  1. Yeah for wise leaders who cancel hikes when students could be potentially blown off cliffs!