Monday, February 21, 2011

Shall We Dance?

I would not consider myself a great dancer. Scratch that. I would not consider myself a good dancer. I'm more the person who just has a ton of energy all the time, so when you turn on music I just jump around and wave my arms, all the while trying to hide in the middle of a group or stay off to the side so no one notices that I am really not very good at this. So, when I heard we were going to be taking Irish dancing lessons, my first thought was, "Oh no." Followed by, "I hope everyone is as bad at this as I will be." Thankfully, that was pretty much the case!
Today we had our first of five lessons. Our instructor is a dance instructor (duh). Her mom was an Irish dancer. Her grandparents were Irish dancers. Her daughter competes in Irish dancing. Needless to say, this family can dance! But the rest of us... not so much. Thankfully, somewhere in high school I did learn how to swing dance, waltz, and square dance. None of those very well, but I got the basic idea. So even though those aren't at all related to Irish dancing, I have at least learned how to step to a beat.
In class, we learned the steps to a "reel." Whatever that is. We basically had to hop back and forth between feet on a three beat count, then do a half a grape vine, more hopping, half grape vine back, spin around in circles, and do it all over again. Oh and somewhere in there we were standing in a square and had to switch places with the person kiddy-corner from us, all while hopping to the three beat count.
Sound hard? It probably really isn't. We're just don't catch on very fast. Thankfully we still have four more lessons! So maybe after all that, I'll be halfway decent at all this. But please, don't ever ask me to demo for you. Even after 5 lessons, it probably won't look like it's supposed to.


  1. I beg to differ. After five lessons, you'll probablyhave a new career option with that flowing red hair of yours there in Ireland!

  2. Haha. You never know. I guess I won't cross it off my career possibilities list yet!