Sunday, February 20, 2011

They're not dumb Americans. They have Will Smith!

As Americans, we get some pretty funny comments, but this was definitely one of my favorites! So here's how it came about... The YWCA where we stay his run by John Ellis and his wife Lisa. They have two little boys Joseph (age 11) and Theo (age 7). They are all originally from England but moved here a few years ago, but they often go back home to visit their relatives or their relatives come here, which was the case this weekend. So normally we have 2 crazy kids running around here, reeking havoc, but this weekend there were 5. And when Double Trouble gets even further encouragement, things go absolutely insane. So Theo and Joe along with one of their cousins (whose name I never learned) decided that one of the guys in our group, Dan, was the perfect jungle gym. So before church they challenged him to a wrestling match! But, being the good Christian he is, he told them he doesn't fight before church. Fair engough.
However, the second he returned from church, the battle was on. (Before I continue, please note no child whether age 7, 11, or 21 was hurt in the following fight.) The three immediately jumped on him and tried to take him on. The battle lasted for at least 15 minutes and I still don't know who won. But in the middle of it, Dan must have made a comment about them being Irish because between punches and tackles, they retorted they were not Irish they were English. But then they decided they were Irish and English. So one boy calls us dumb Americans for not knowing that. But then, as another leaps on to Dan's back, he shouts out "They're not dumb Americans. They have Will Smith!" Which was quickly followed by the third boy's comment, "Yeah! And they have Jim Carrey!" 

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