Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Celebrating Passover

I know that it is tomorrow, but we had chapel today. The four guys in our group were in charge of organizing it and leading, so they prepared a Passover meal for us. Cool, huh? I think I've done this four or five different years now and have loved it every time! There is so much symbolism woven throughout the meal. It is just amazing  to see how Christ's death and resurrection was being prophesied back at the time of Moses! Then to think that this was the last meal that Jesus took with his disciples before He died... so crazy. It's like he was saying, this is it! Everything you've been waiting for, looking for, is here! I am about to clarify what it all means.
I won't detail it out for you, but I highly encourage you to research the Passover meal. And if you've never participated in one before, do it tomorrow! Celebrate it with your family, you floor, your friends. Remember what Christ did. And be so thankful that we know how the story ends... I am so excited for Sunday! But before we get there, don't forget to stop and remember the road to Sunday was painful. What Christ did was no small deed. I know I am so thankful that he paid for my sins. There is no way I could ever make up for all the wrong things I have done.
So celebrate Passover. Drink the cup and remember the blood he poured out for us. Eat the bread and recall how his body was beaten and pierced, just so we could be made truly whole. Thank you Jesus.

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