Tuesday, April 19, 2011


What is it? A disease? "Oh no, I've got Connemara. I'll have to stay home from school today." Or perhaps a food? "Will you please pass the Connemara?" Then again, I'm pretty sure I've heard of Connemara horses...
These are the questions we asked ourselves all last night when we heard we were going to a place called Connemara. Turns out, it is actually a beautiful region. It looks really different from the rolling green slopes of Ireland you would expect to see. Instead it is looks more like some parts of the west coast of the United States- long yellow grasses, rocks, mountains. On our way back to the east coast we got to drive through this gorgeous countryside. Just when we think we have seen all the different landscapes of Ireland, we are again surprised. Not an exciting activity day, but a beautiful drive through the country nonetheless.

On random note, here's a joke I heard at Bible Study tonight!
There once was an old woman who had three sons that each wanted to get her something great for her birthday. They were trying to out do each other, so each tried to find the best thing they could. The oldest son bought her a mansion. The second son got her a nice Mercedes with a chauffeur. The third knew she loved to read the Bible but was losing her eyesight. So he got her a very special parrot. This bird had been trained over the last twelve years so that any time you told it a reference to a verse it would recite the verse for you! The son thought this would be perfect!
After a few weeks, the mother told them what she thought of the gifts. To the first son, "You're present is nice, but I am old now and don't need a large house. I only live in one room so that I don't have to worry about cleaning the rest!" To the second son, "I am old and don't go out much so the car is worthless. Besides, I don't really like the chauffeur." To the third son, "You're present was much nicer. Thank you so much for that small chicken. He tasted delicious!"

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