Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter, Irish Style

So it's really not that different from American Easter, but we did have some fun stuff going on today to celebrate!
1) Church. The last Sunday of the month is family church and even though today was Easter, that didn't change. So part of the service was an Easter "egg" hunt for the kids after which they had to assemble jigsaw pieces into a memory verse for the congregation to learn. After we all knew it, the kids were rewarded with the candy they had found. My question, why didn't the adults get candy? We learned the verse too! Oh well, we quickly got over it. For the sermon, our pastor pointed out that even though we are really excited for Easter, the disciples weren't. More than anything they were confused and didn't believe. It took them a couple days to come around and realize the miracle that happened.
2) Paige got baptized! One of the girls in our group was baptized in the Irish Sea! Brave girl. It wasn't a cold day, but that doesn't mean the water was warm. But it was a beautiful thing to watch. One of the local pastors that we have gotten to know well has been discipling her through this process.
3) Dinner. We had a late dinner tonight, but it was worth the wait. We had ham, chicken, potatoes, deviled eggs (or "angeled" eggs if you're a Wisely), bread, salad, and apple crisp. It was delicious! As we ate dessert, Alyssa read part of C.S. Lewis' The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Since we all had heard the Easter story from the Bible in church, she didn't want to repeat it. So instead, we read about Aslan being killed by the evil White Witch on the Stone Table. Then his miraculous resurrection! Gotta love Lewis for the creative parallels. It really makes you stop and think through the whole event again. After all, HE IS RISEN!

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