Monday, April 4, 2011

And then there were two

The Three Stooges and Audrey decided to go on another bike ride! Turns out, this was a bigger adventure than our last bike trip!
Audrey had found online a website for a pet farm in the town over from here, so we decided to take a homework break this afternoon and bike there! We went down to the sheds, grabbed the bikes, and prepared to pedal off on our big adventure. But then...
Mo (Me): "I can't reach the pedals!" (Looks for the lever that my bike at home has that allows for easy seat adjustment. It doesn't exist.)
Larry: "Me either!"
Audrey: "Go find Dan. He knows how to fix it."
Mo: "Ok..." *Walks back into house, into the red room where a bunch of people are hanging out.* "Dan, can you tell me how to lower the seats on our bikes? I hear you know how."
*He and the two other guys in the room respond. This is all that I can understand of what they are saying since they are all talking at once and using words I don't know.*
Boys: "Blah-Blah-Blah. Allen wrench. Blah-Blah. Bike seat. Blah-Blah-Blah. Right angle. Blah-Blah-Blah-Blah-Blah."
I'm sure all the rest of what they were saying made sense to them, but is honestly sounded like gibberish to me. The confusion I felt inside must have shown on my face, because Ryan finally stood up and volunteered to just adjust the seats for us. So we head back outside.
Mo: "Don't worry guys. Ryan is going to grab the Allen wrench and fix our seats!"
Audrey: "Who's Allen?"
Mo: "I don't know!"
Ryan: "This is an allen wrench." *Holds one up for us to see* "It's different from a Phillips wrench or...."
Mo: "Why don't they ever name wrenches after girls?"
Ryan: "Cause obviously girls don't know anything about wrenches!"
Touche. So we get our seats adjusted and take off on our adventure. We know more or less where we are going... Sort of. We get a third of the way there and Larry turns back. The path was taking us up some steep hills and she got discouraged. We get 3/4 of the way there and Curly turns back! It was down to me and Audrey. We keep going an a minute later see the signs for the Farm! Two minutes later and we are there! And find out it is closed! WHAT?! Audrey had checked the website four times and it said they were open! Dumb internet has lied!
So we start heading back since there's nothing else we can do. We get back to the house, drop off the bikes and head into town. Since our pet adventure failed, we go looking for another. It's a beautiful sunny day, so we go get frappes at Insomnia where Audrey volunteers on Saturdays. The guys there must think she's pretty sweet because they gave us our drinks for free! Definitely a pick me up after the pet farm let down.
Then we get on the DART and decide to go to a town we have never been to before! That should be an adventure! We get off at Glenageary and walk less than a mile then realize we are at a town we have been at before. I have no idea how we did this, but we got off at one DART stop and walked all the way to the next one. We were so confused so we got back on the DART and went back to Brey.
We wandered around there for awhile and then realized we had less than 10 minutes back to the DART. We started to speed walk back to the DART and even jogged the last 200m... only to barely miss it! Fail. We sit down and wait for the next one. 30 minutes later, it arrives.
By the time we got back to the house we were both so hungry! At least dinner was fantastic, so that made today a little less tragic. Ok, so it wasn't that bad. Our crazy adventures really were a fun way to spend a day off of class.

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