Thursday, April 28, 2011

Eireband Trumps all other TU Shows

Imagine the Reject Show on steroids... or Airband if you gave it a pot of coffee.... or MyGen after drinking ten Red Bulls... Actually, more like a combo of all of those! If you do that, you have Taylor University ISP's "Eireband" (pronounced like "Airband"). So great!
We invited half a dozen of the people who work at the YWCA, our bus driver, and cross cultural teacher. Other than that, it was just the twenty of us and Kyle and Laura, for the craziest show I have ever seen. Let's see... show highlights. What the heck, every part of it is a highlight! So instead... basic summary..
1) 6 girls performed "Thriller" complete with crazy makeup and ridiculous hair
2) Dramatic readings by Kellyn and a super cute poem by Kyle's wife Kelsey
3) A song written by one of our guys about each and every person in the ISP group
4) Stand-up comedy by Audrey
5) An adorable crazy five year old song about a girl's party dress by one of the quietest girls in our group
6) A tin whistle solo
7) A "rodent dance" in the dark, with a headlamp
7) A dating show with our director Laura as the desperate bachlorette. The four guys all switched shirts and acted out each other's personalities! So funny as all their quirks were emphasized to the max!
In between these awesome acts... games! Mostly crazy eating contests. For example, the for the first one, you had to put a piece of chocolate on your head and wiggle it down into your mouth- no hands! Just so you know... I won! YAY! Other games included, eating a banana... the catch, you have pantyhose pulled over your head, and eating four hobnobs (bisuits) with no hands... and chugging an entire pitcher of water!
We all laughed so hard! It was definitely a good way to start the end. As we wind down, there are a lot of bittersweet moments. We are starting to say good-bye and do things for the last time. This was a  great way to help us bond just a little bit more as we wrap up. I am going to miss this group. They are all so great and special and...yeah. Even though we all have our quirks, I think tonight really showed us how those quirks have brought us together. Now we can laugh at our differences! Probably a good life lesson... I'll definitely take that one with me.

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  1. I am glad you learned and had fun! My question is . . . Which act were you in??