Thursday, April 14, 2011

My First Kiss

Haha. Gotcha! Sorta. Let me explain.. today we set out for the western part of Ireland. Our last stop of the day was the Blarney Castle where the Blarney stone is located. We climbed to the top of the castle and all took turns kissing this magical stone that is supposed to have given us all the "Gift of Gab". But considering that we all kissed the same stone, the joke of the day is that we all kissed each other! Really gross, right?! Yeah. Come to think of it, that would mean we have kissed all the thousands of tourists that have ever puckered up to this super special stone.
After wandering the castle we headed to the Poison Garden. Yep, it's perfectly name. The whole place is full of poisonous plants. It was disgusting! You know how pretty flowering plants all smell really good? Well, poisonous plants all smell really really bad! Think of the worst thing you have ever smelled kind of bad.
All of the plants had cages over them and there were signs everywhere telling parents to hold their kids hands! You'd think there were angry snarling animals in here instead of green leafy plants. But we noticed one of the cages was empty and walked over to see what was up. The sign said "Marijuana" and then proceeded to describe the plant in scientist terms. But then at the bottom, there was another sign saying the plant had been removed by the Garda due to licensing issues! But they promised to get it back as soon as they could! We all had to laugh because the whole situation was just so weird.
We finished our time at the castle by exploring the grounds, swinging on a swing set, and playing red rover. What fun!

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  1. Yep You got me and hey girl YOU did NOT need to kiss that stone!!