Saturday, April 30, 2011


So the play is actually Pygmalion, but it sounds like Pigmillion! Plus a play about a really wealthy hog sounded interesting... Little did I know there are no pigs in this story. That was ok... The play was still really good, even though our trip to the play ended up being the best part of the whole night.
We (Me, Lexi, Adara, Laura, and Emily McCardle) decided to take the 6:00 DART to Dublin since the play started at 7:30. That should have given us just enough time... except this is the weekend! There is no 6:00 DART! So we walked around town until the 6:30 arrived. Not a big deal, if we walk really fast, we should still make it! Right?
We make sure to be back at the DART station by 6:20 so we don't miss it. The DART arrives on schedule, the passengers get off, we get on. Sit down. Wait. And wait. And wait. And the lights went off. Not a good sign. Whew, they just went back on. More waiting. They go off again. (This repeats a couple more times).
In the meantime, we are watching the clock tick. Decision time: wait for the DART or catch a cab? DART is free, cab costs money. DART won't get us there on time, cab might. Cab it is. We get off the DART and walk over to a pub to get a number to call the cab company. (Randomly we see Monty and Gwen who are also stranded due to the unruly DART). We find the number, but realize this is going to cost more money that we didn't want to spend if we didn't have to. Back to the DART. Oh wait, there it goes! Bye-bye DART.
There are no options left, we have to call a cab. At this point it is 6:50. It is going to be tight! The cab will be here in 10 minutes, in zero traffic it is a half hour to Dublin.  Play starts at 7:30. Late comers entry into the play is 7:40. Yikes! Keep your fingers crossed. Just then a cab pulls up! Yay, they're early. We quickly climb in and head to town. In the process I get to cross two items off my life "To Do" List (or I would get to if I had one)...
1) Ride in a Cab
2) Tell a Cab Driver to "STEP ON IT!"
And he does. We are whizzing down the freeway. We just might make it after all. Then, Laura's phone rings. It's our cab driver calling to say he's there to pick us up. Problem... we're already in a cab. Who's driving this thing? We never did figure that out... Anyway, we were zooming around cars and trying to avoid all the pedestrians who are in Town for the rugby match.
We pull up to the Abby Theater at 7:39 and sprint to the door. (I do mean sprint; we probably would have set some track and field records.) The attendant opens the door, "Don't rush. Late comers entrance is in another ten minutes. You can pick up your tickets over here then watch the first little bit on the television in the lobby. We'll bring you in when we can, but you will have to stand in the back until intermission when you can find your seats." Oh ok. "Question: our seats are in the last row anyway, can we sit down?" "Oh yeah, no problem." Turns out cheap tickets were an excellent choice!
We are escorted in and only missed a tiny part of the play. For those of you familiar with My Fair Lady, it's the same story without the music. The whole thing was phenomenal, including the set changes! Random, I know. But they were cool because they were part of the story instead of an awkward in between. I'm so glad we finally did make it. What a great night.

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