Sunday, May 1, 2011

Boys Vs. Girls

We all know that boys and girls are different, but I always have to laugh at the funny ways this comes out. For example...
Tonight was our last weekend cooking cause we all leave next weekend! But as we do every Sunday night, we spent a little extra time cleaning up. We try not to leave the kitchen messy for the YWCA staff when they arrive on Monday morning. This includes doing all the dishes, wiping down all counters and tables, sweeping, and mopping. Tonight I was on clean up duty with two other girls and one of our guys (who I won't name). We were working on the dishes, but had wiped everything down, and he had just finished sweeping the dining room. So I asked him if he would mop while we finished the dishes.
Him: "Why? Is it sticky?" (Translation... "I can see the red tiles on the floor? What's the problem?"
Me: "No. But we mop every Sunday night." (Translation... "those pieces of food on the floor aren't supposed to be there! Duh!)
Him: "Oh ok." (What he was really thinking... "Weird. Girls are so picky about cleanliness!"
Me: "Thanks." (My real thoughts... "Seriously? Why don't boys see the dirt right in front of their eyes!"
I had to laugh to myself as I finished drying dishes. I grew up in a family that played Cinderella frequently. And I don't mean, going to the ball, pretty dress Cinderella. I'm talking about put on your grunge clothes, get a bucket with water, soap, and a rag and scrub the floors on your hands and knees Cinderella.... even after they invented Swiffer. My mother is convinced the floors get cleaner this way, and I must confess, I have to agree with her.
Overall, I have really enjoyed being on Kitchen Crew this semester. I have learned a lot about planning meals and cooking for a large group. I lit a match for the first time and learned how to use countless kitchen utensils. Maybe I really can do this whole domestic thing...

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