Sunday, May 22, 2011

Patient Patients

Most times if you go to the doctor's office and they say, "Well, you're going to need surgery. Let's schedule that within the next week," that is considered  bad news. But around here, that is just about the best thing that could happen.
For the Kurdish kids here at Shevet, the heart surgery they desperately need isn't scheduled until after they arrive in the country. Plus, before the surgery, they have to go through other tests and procedures that could take a couple weeks. The waiting results in worried mothers, and anxious kids. This past week has been a bit stressful for them all. Many are waiting for surgery and one girl has been here longer than normal and is waiting for the all clear so she can go home. The doctors have also gone on strike off and on the past few weeks postponing many appointments and delaying surgeries from being scheduled. Between the waiting, the lice catastrophe last Thursday, and a million other little things, the moms all hit a breaking point today. They broke down and started crying. A couple of our staff members who have been working closely with them the past few weeks, also felt the strain very personally.
So we decided prayer was absolutely necessary. Five of our women staff members gathered in the living room to beseech God on behalf of these families and ourselves. We prayed for wisdom, guidance, patience, love, and endurance. We also prayed for a miracle that would lift these mothers' spirits.
Two hours later we get a phone call from the hospital office with some incredible news. Arina is having her heart surgery tomorrow, Kosar is going in for his catheterization tomorrow, and Hezhan has his heart surgery on Tuesday! This really is a miracle.
Tonight we said good-bye to Arina as she and her mother headed to the hospital. They will stay there overnight in preparation for her surgery. As I watched them walk out the door, I have felt so excited and scared at the same time. It is wonderful that she is having her surgery! But I remember, this is heart surgery. Anything could happen. Her surgery is scheduled for approximately 1:00pm. Tomorrow this little angel with a bright smile and contagious giggle will constantly be in my prayers.

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