Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Bits and Pieces of Life

So many little things happen every day that are difficult to sum up. It's the little moments that you can't capture in a photograph or write a book about, but make each day special and unique. For example...
1)Saturday I went to the Wailing Wall twice because two different new volunteers wanted to see it. Both of their faces lit up the way my heart does every time it came within view. This amazing piece of history and culture is incredible! I could go every day just to spend time praying. But thankfully since this is not possible, God hears me just as well from my bedroom.
2) Another volunteer and I run every morning. This city is by no means flat so we are getting a great work out going up and down the hills. On one of our loops we have a couple evil hills that threaten to defeat us every morning. We have nicknamed  them the "Hill of Death" and the "Hill of Doom". Depending on how we're feeling we chose which hill to go up and which to go down. Today, it was down the Hill of Doom then up the Hill of Death.
3) There is a huge dead spider (literally) hanging out above the cabinet in our bathroom. One of our volunteers has named her Matilda to make her a little less frightening. This afternoon, I discovered Matilda's very large and alive cousin in the kitchen. Correction, Matilda's very large and no longer alive cousin!
4) Last night we had a "Jane Austin" party for all the women staff. We went out to a nice hotel and had iced coffee, then came back for tea, quiche, and Pride and Prejudice. It was fantastic. But one of the girls was sipping on her tea, which was really hot! "I think I'm going to invent something that makes things colder. Like you know how a microwave makes things hottter? It would do the opposite." One of our guests with her adorable British accent replied, "I think that is called a fridge!"
5) Today was Round 2 of the Lice Battle. Apparently after you treat it the first time you have to follow up again ten days later to make sure you got them all. I think we've decided the real battle here is not against the lice but against the kids and their very defensive mothers! Cooperation is key and sometimes the language barrier gets in the way...
6) Tonight we have a good-bye party for two of my favorite volunteers! Andreas and his wife Verena return to Germany tomorrow. But as a good-bye "present" some of us went down to the park and played soccer, excuse me futbol. Andreas played for a long time and has been asking us to play a game with him for a couple weeks now. Unfortunately we are all so busy it's hard to find time for all of us to play together. But today we did it! We had a rousing game of 2 on 2 and then two little Jewish boys joined in and it was 3 on 3. They were so cute and tried so hard even though they were probably only 8-10 years old. I love playing soccer and working with little kids!

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  1. Whatever to no.4 My invention of something that makes things colder INSTANTLY was a brilliant idea!