Friday, May 6, 2011

One Last Hurrah

Technically, I don't leave until Sunday. But almost everyone else flies out tomorrow morning, so today was our last hurrah as they prepare to leave. The only question... What to do on our "last" day???? We have done so many amazing things, it would be impossible to top it all. But we also didn't want to just sit around all day. Our final solution? A new adventure that incorporated all our old favorites....
8 of us (Me, Laura, Chandas, Gueb, Kellyn, McCardle, Emily Day, and Valerie) set off for Malahide, the last stop on the DART. Our agenda: tour a castle and have an adventure. Equipment: packed lunches, rain jackets, cameras. Result: laughter, lots of photos, and a fantastic time.
The castle was really pretty, but not very large, so our tour was only twenty to thirty minutes. Then we sat outside on the lawn and ate our turkey and cheese sandwiches. It felt like a scene from a movie.
After lunch, we headed back into town... but on our way into town we saw a park... detour! We probably played around for an hour! There were swings, slides, rope jungle gyms, and a zip line! Wee! What fun!
Then we decided we should go check DART times so we weren't stuck in Malahide forever... We realized we had just missed the DART and had an hour before the next one came. Exploring time! We wandered around town. It was so cute! This is probably one of my favorite DART stops! Too bad we discovered it on the last day. In town, was the coolest little coffee shop called "Itsa". Everything about it was fun. The colors were super bright, the decorations were a party... yeah. I can't describe it because it was just so awesome. Plus they had really great coffee and smoothies. All in all, it was a fantastic way to celebrate our wonderful semester!

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