Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Seeing the Sea

Today we took the kids to the sea! We try to take them at least once during their stay here since they are from Kurdistan which is land locked. The two little girls, Hawraz and Chrakhan, loved the sea! Both spent a great deal of time playing in the water and splashing anyone in sight. Then we built sandcastles and collected seashells. Poor little Kosar, was not so excited about this large body of water. He's only a couple years old, and the whole thing overwhelmed him a bit. However, he did really enjoy the air show. In celebration of Independence Day, there were several times where planes did acrobatics, and other times where helicopters and larger airplanes flew overhead! Typical boy, Kosar soaked it all up.
I'm often tempted to think these kids are perfectly healthy. But then we'll be running around for five minutes and then they'll need to take a break. Or if they've had surgery, we have to be extra careful about not lifting them up the wrong way or getting their stitches wet. They are such troopers. Despite all they've been through, all they want is to enjoy the same things that other kids do. I'm glad our day at the beach could give them a little bit of that.
I loved getting to spend time with the kids- bonding, taking pictures, and laughing at our difficulty communicating. I'm getting really good at sign language, but am working on learning Kurdish. I probably have learned twenty words now... the trick is remembering them. I'm thinking flashcards are a good idea. In the meantime, I'm learning how Jesus love goes beyond language. These Muslims families seem really touched by our help. And even though I can't tell them why I'm here to help, they know I care about them. So when the translator does get a chance to talk about Jesus, they are open and willing to listen.

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