Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Glamorous Jobs

I think it's human nature to want the more glamorous jobs... or at least the ones that get the most attention and praise. Whether this is on a more global setting or within each individual organization, the jobs that are praised the most are the ones that are the most fun, the most world changing, or the easiest. Here, my job is none of those things.
After looking at the things I am good at and what the organization needs right now, I have been given the job of housekeeper, and blogger/photographer. Ok the second part is pretty sweet, but the first job... not exactly what you think of when you go to a foreign country for the summer.
But here is why I am grateful for my assignments...
1) Being the housekeeper gives me plenty of time to pray. Each day I have a specific area of the house to clean, so while I am doing that I have plenty of time to talk to Jesus. This is something I have been reading and studying in my quiet time and want to do more!
2) When I'm done, I can study Kurdish, hang out with the families, or walk around town. No matter what I do, I will love it!
3) I love photography! And I have learned a lot about blogging from writing this one. I hope I will be able to put these skills to use and serve this community.
So while my job this summer is definitely not glamorous or even exciting, it is useful, practical, and helpful. I get to serve the community, and while doing so, spend more time getting to know my Lord.

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