Monday, May 23, 2011

Love in a Package

This afternoon I visited one of my coworkers who has been in the hospital for over a week now. Mona, an amazingly joyful Christian Arab, has been struggling with about a million health problems for a long time now. She has had countless hospital visits. But despite her health struggles, she is always an encouragement to us and the kids here. I think she can love them in a special way because she knows they have about visiting the hospital.
In order to brighten her day, we brought her a care package with some of her favorite things: coca-cola, flowers, and dark chocolate. Yum! As we were headed out the door, my boss Justina told me to give her lots of love. I responded, "I will. But it's too bad you can't put love in a package." "Excuse me? Can't put love in a package?! Get over here girl!" (Justina has this great southern accent that makes that whole exchange even better.) So I sheepishly walked over, half expecting what was to come. "Step right up here! Now this is how you put love in a package!" Then she gave me a great big hug! "Now make sure you give Mona lots of love."
So with our care package and a crazy puppet named Accar (that Mona loves), Jean, Andreas, and I headed to the hospital. We were able to spend a bit of time with Mona, her mother, daughter, and another friend. Despite her pain and exhaustion, Mona gave us gentle smiles and seemed grateful to have us there. I think we delivered everything as instructed, including love, which I have learned sometimes does come in a package.

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