Thursday, May 26, 2011

It's Just Like Candyland

Even though I've only been  two and half weeks, I feel like I'm really in the swing of things and have been here much longer. So it's been weird having two other girls arrive this past week. (I know that is weird. I am still "new" around here too.) One of the girls came last Thursday-The Day of the Lice Fiasco. Wow. That sounds like some weird national holiday. The other just arrived this evening. Anyway, both of them are really cool which makes me even more excited for all the crazy times this summer.
I feel kinda bad for our newest volunteer though. She got here right in time for dinner. Great right? Well our dinner conversation was probably not the most welcoming....We're all coming off a crazy week of lice, rats, strange bugs, hospital visits, little sleep, and all sorts of other fun. Like today one of the little kids peed on a volunteer while his mother was hissing at her at the same time... Not quite sure what was up with that. The language barrier kinda hurt that situation.
So as we're describing what it's like here, these topics came up frequently. Whoops. Too late for her to turn back now. Well, we tried to redeem ourselves... "Don't fret. It's not that bad. It's really just like Candyland." "Oh. I never liked Candyland!" Well this will be interesting. I think I played 10 rounds of it today with two of our little girls.Well, maybe she'll learn to like it?

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  1. I think for every one round of candyland, we should get one trip to CandyLand...