Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Learning the Ropes

After a week and a half I feel like I am really getting the hang of things around here. I know everyone's name! I also have a basic schedule for myself, know where to find all the cleaning supplies, how to use the washing machine (when it is working), where to shop for produce, and can speak a couple dozen words of Kurdish! Not too shabby.
But today I had my first solo flight. Pretty exciting! In the past when I have been sent on errands, I have gone with someone else so they could show me where to go and what to buy. But today I went alone! What was I looking for? Pillows! Apparently we have a new volunteer arriving from the States tomorrow. When we were making up a bed for her, we realized the pillows were all missing! After searching the house, they were nowhere to be found, so I was sent to buy new ones. Our director drew a basic map, gave me some money, and sent me out the door.
I followed her directions and got exactly where I needed to go! I was pretty proud of myself because directions are not usually my thing. But I also had to laugh because every morning when I go running, I pass this store. She just told me a different way of getting there!
I also went into the Old City today for the first time. I've been so busy I haven't walked through there yet. But the German couple who work here are going home in a couple weeks and wanted to buy souvenirs to take home. They had heard about a guy named Shaban and wanted to find his shop. Turns out, I know where it is! When I was here a year and a half ago we visited him all the time! But I didn't know if I would be able to find it again. Thankfully, we got basic directions to his street and found it without any problems! Now much has changed in there... It was good to see him again. In true Shaban form, he offered us something to drink so we enjoyed a cup of Fanta while wandering around the shop. My friends were able to get what they needed and Shaban was nice and gave them a very good price! I'm sure I will go back and see him again.

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