Monday, April 11, 2011

Running Through Hail

For the past few days, one of our Taylor profs, Vance Maloney, has been here to teach us... whatever he feels like about Ireland. Mostly we've been focusing on identity- both of the Irish people and of ourselves. But tomorrow we are having a debate! I am so excited because debating is one of my favorite things! Topic: Should the Irish be defined more as Irish or European? I am arguing the latter. Today, my debate group and I decided to go to a coffee shop in town to outline our points and do some research. When we started walking there it was partly cloudy but pretty sunny. Halfway there, it started to drizzle; we walked a little faster. Fifteen seconds later it started to downpour; we started running. Thirty seconds later it started to hail! We started sprinting! At this point, we are probably running for a couple minutes before we reach the safety of Insomnia Coffee Shop, completely drenched, but laughing! Such typical Irish weather. Can't seem to make up its mind.
Our research went well, and I am excited for tomorrow. While I'm not sure I necessarily believe my side of the argument I think we can make a solid case for it! I feel like such a lawyer. I wonder how often they actually believe in what they are arguing for. Is that even right? I don't know.
On a brighter note, I have some  pretty hilarious personalities on my debate team. If nothing else, it will be entertaining! I'll let you know how it goes.

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