Friday, April 22, 2011

Unity in Faith

Today, you never would have guessed that for decades Ireland has been divided by religious differences. This country has had a long history of fighting between Catholics and Protestants. But today, the community of Greystones proved that Jesus goes beyond religion.
I don't know how long they have had this tradition, but today we were lucky enough to participate. All the churches in the town- Non-denominational, Evangelical, Catholic, Church of Ireland, Nazarene, etc- walked through the town. A hundred people from all the denominations followed along as a wooden cross was carried through the streets. At different points we stopped and prayed for the needy world and the Greystones community.
The whole thing was a beautiful time of remembrance of Christ's death. I think he smiled at the way it was celebrated. By dying, not only was He able to bridge the gap that separates us from Him because of our sin, but He also was able to bring people closer to each other.
Near the end of the service this prayer was read. I thought it was beautiful and wanted to share it with you.
Where pain is deep and affection is denied,
let love break through.
Where justice is destroyed,
let sensitivity to right spring up.
Where hope is crucified,
let faith persist.
Where peace has no chance,
let passion live on.
Where fear paralyzes,
let forgiveness break through.
Where truth is trampled underfoot,
may your Word continue to be preached.
Eternal God, look down on each worshipper gathered here today,
reach into the silent darkeness of our souls with the radiance of the cross, 
surprise us with joy and lead us to the hope of the resurrection.

Looking forward to Sunday!

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